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Since his retirement from municipal politics in mid-2010, Brian has written regularly for the Toronto Sun. His post-election commentaries - copyrighted by the Sun - are reproduced here with their permission.

City Hall shakeup starts now : February 14, 2011

What do the Fords know about Lean? And why should you care?

Toronto's election is barely over and already we find ourselves halfway through the 2011 budget wrestling match ... [117 kb] »

T.O. treasure Variety Village struggles to make ends meet : January 24, 2011

Forty thousand people, half with disabilities, walk and roll through the doors of Variety Village annually.

Nestled between Kingston Rd. and Danforth Ave., on a hill, and a shout from Lake Ontario, Variety Village first opened its doors in the 1980s to serve kids with special needs ...  [76 kb] »

Toronto gets great value in grunt work : January 13, 2011

What does the Year of the Gun have in common with the Wall of Wonder?

In Toronto, 2005 was dubbed the Year of the Gun. ...  [113 kb] »

Year end look at Toronto transit : December 13, 2010

A former TTC Chair's primer on The Good, The Bad, and The Essential!

The Good! Despite a 25 fare increase last year, lousy economy, and customer service outrage, 2010 ridership is rising to record-setting heights ...  [76 kb] »

Rob Ford will captain change : December 5, 2010

Out with old, in with the new! There's a new sheriff in town.

No sooner had the good ship Toronto changed captains; he was barking commands and setting sail on his four year voyage ...  [75 kb] »

Testing Rob Ford's union mettle : November 27, 2010

Are the coming negotiations with Toronto's labour unions going to be a labour of love for our new mayor, or a test of his stomach for a fight?

For a city, wages are the biggest cost in the budget. And controlling your budget depends largely on getting favourable union contracts ...  [99 kb] »

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